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The OASNP Members Only contains information for OASNP members.

Major activities:

  • Annual Special Education Conference in Spring
  • Local Public Relations Grants
  • Delegate Luncheons at OEA Representative Assemblies
  • Appointment of members to OEA Standing Committees
  • Advocate for the needs of Pre-K-12 Special Educators, Support Staff, and County Board of DD Staff as they provide services for students and adults with special needs, specifically:
    • professional development,
    • classroom/behavior management,
    • case load, and planning time,
    • health and safety of staff and students.
  • Website (2008), email newsletters (2013)


OADDP Constitution and Bylaws (previous versions with notes on governance and name changes):

OASNP Local Pubilic Relations Grant

 Friend of OASNP Award: 

OASNP Expense Forms:

IRS Tax Exempt Status – Section 501(c)(6)—Business League – August 2012

 OASNP Issues Report July 2020

  • OEA Special Education Workgroup – September 22, 2018 – June 2020
  • OEA RA New Business Item – December 2, 2017
  • NEOEA Representative Assembly supports New Business Item – November 11, 2017
  • NEOEA Board of Directors supports New Business Item – November 11, 2017 – November 10, 2017
  • NEOEA Special Education Work Group in March 2017
  • OADDP distributed a OADDP Special Education and DD Services Survey at the Spring 2016 OEA RA.

 Mission-Goals-Actions – including Actions for Locals and Members

  • Amended at OASNP 2018 Annual Conference, March 3, 2018
  • Adopted at OADDP 2009 Annual Conference, March 7, 2009
  • Actions from OADDP Newsline issues in 2009-2010

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We were formed out of the experience of local leaders from County Board of (MR)DD locals in the mid 70’s and early 80’s when our separate local associations formed, began bargaining and striking for pay and working conditions.  Early OEA Task Forces worked to help OEA understand the differences in administrative rules and finance and between the county boards and local school districts. 

In 2018, as County DD programs continued to be phased out and privatized, students with DD have joined their peers with special needs in the local school districts.  OADDP leadership recognized the need for change and in March 2018, at its annual meeting and conference, members amended the C&B and Mission Statement to focus on the needs of all OEA members serving individuals with special needs.

 OASNP Leadership:

We have been local presidents, treasurers, bargainers, grievance chairs, newsletter editors; served on UniServ and regional service councils; served on District boards and committees, one as a District President; served on OEA Committees and the OEA Board of Directors; attended Representative assemblies at Districts, OEA, and NEA. 

OEA Board of Directors from CBDD Locals:

  • 1990-1996 – Linda Behnke (PATMR)
  • 1996-2002 – Hank Haynes (ACCESS)
  • 2002-2008 – Jurgen von Treskow (PATMR)
  • 2008-2013 – Patricia Cohen (PATMR)

NEOEA Board of Directors from CBDD Locals:

  • 1991-1997-? – Paul Hecker (PATMR)
  • 1997-2003-? – Marilyn Dillon (Erie CBMR)
  • 2003-2004 – Donna Palazzo (Erie CBMR)
  • 2004-2010 – Jene Wilson (ACCESS)
  • 2010-2012 – Joe McCrone (ACCESS)
  • 2012-2016 – Donna Palazzo (Erie CBMR)