Public Relations Grant Program

Offering local grants is one of the major activities of OASNP and is a visible reminder of your dues dollars at work.  The Public Relations Grant program is designed to:

  • Support local associations in developing projects that reinforce the professional image of the members
  • Enhance the image of education, work and life skills development for the students with special needs

The amount of the local’s grant depends on the proposal, but is limited to $500.

The OASNP Executive Committee will review grant applications in late fall.

Download a list of successful Grant Ideas

Public Relations Grant Requirements:

  • Elect delegates to the Fall and Spring OEA Representative Assemblies. Delegates must attend and vote at all assemblies.
  • Send members to the annual OASNP conference.
  • Send a representative to at least three OASNP Executive Committee meetings.
  • Submit an article about your project to the OASNP Newsline.
  • Grant money must be used for the benefit of your local membership
  • Submit financial statement with receipts by August 1st.

Grant applications are mailed to all CBDD presidents in August.  If you would like to apply, see your president or contact Jené Wilson, OASNP Past Chairperson.

Please submit questions on our Contact Us page.

Download an OASNP Grant Application.


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Public Relations Grant

  • School or Work Year
  • Why program is needed; how it will support the local in reinforcing the professional image of special needs professionals and your local association within your community; and enhancing the image of education, work and life skills development for the individuals with special needs.