OAPMRDD 2008 Annual Conference



Friday February 29, 2008

Pat Frost Brooks, President of the Ohio Education Association:
Pat will open the 2008 OAPMRDD Annual Leadership Conference. She will provide a brief welcome followed by a message detailing the critical issues of 2008. Since we are in an election year, this presentation will be enlightening.

Bonnie Joseph, OEA Lobbyist:
Bonnie works in OEA’s Governmental Services Division. She monitors state legislation under many topical areas including, but not limited to, issues pertinent to MRDD and the state budget. Her presentation will provide an analysis of current legislation that may impact MRDD employees.

Saturday March 1, 2008

Session I- Michael Rench, Ohio Department of MRDD Deputy Director:
“MRDD Update”
Michael will be covering updates from the Futures Commission and how budget implications will impact the field.

Session II-A Kathleen McKinley, Attorney:
“Legal Update”
Kathleen began her OEA career as an MRDD employee, an SLP. She is still active, as an Attorney, by representing members and speaking at a variety of leadership conferences. She will bring us up to date regarding recent court decisions that impact OEA members. 

Lunch , Gary Broadbent:
“Boomerangs are Coming Back”
This will be an enthusiastic, motivational, inspirational program that will discuss the history, science and craft of boomerangs. The topic advocates a drug free, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams, positive attitude.

Session III-Gary Carlile, OEA Communications and Political Action Consultant:
“Developing a Communication Plan.”
This will be a hands-on presentation that will discuss the components of a quality communications plan. Participants will develop a message box and activity calendar for their Local and then participants will report out/share their ideas.

Wrap up and Reflection:
Participants will discuss the information presented. Evaluations and surveys will be collected.

For Reference:

Ohio Department of MRDD
Division of Human Resources
Office of Staff Development and Certification
30 E. Broad Street, 12th Floor