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Political Decisions affect Public Education and Habilitation Services.
Lobby your Legislators; Vote your Profession.

  • Support Candidates that support Public Education

Public education is subject to an increasing number of proposals which can be either beneficial or detrimental to the children and adults we serve.  These measures are prevalent in Columbus and in Washington, D.C.  We need to be vigilant in promoting and protecting the interests of our members and the children and adults we serve.

Elected and appointed decision-makers affect the quality of your life.  Every decision about every brick, every service, and education/habilitation employee is made by persons elected to public office or appointed or hired by those persons.  Educational and habilitation decisions are political decisions.

Do you believe your voice should be heard?  The OEA and NEA Take Action Lobbying programs provide the vehicle to allow us to be heard effectively in Columbus and Washington.  As we have seen, a chorus of voices is hard to ignore.

There are many resources available to OASNP members to learn about bills that affect their profession and the learners they serve.

OEA & NEA Take Action Lobbying

Online Take Action Lobbying is the convenient member-friendly way to do your part advocating for issues that affect public education and your retirement.  No prior legislative or political action experience is needed.  Take Actions provides instantaneous delivery of your position to your elected officials.  Sign up on both the OEA and NEA sites below.

When an important state or national issue is being considered by the State Legislature or U.S. Congress you will receive an e-mail describing the issue and offering you the opportunity to compose an e-mail to your elected officials using a sample letter, suggested bullet points, and/or your own words. It is the fastest and easiest way to be involved and do your part.

State Issues:

National Issues:

The OEA Fund

The OEA Fund is the state political action committee (PAC) for members of the Ohio Education Association. It is funded with contributions from OEA members, members’ families, and OEA staff.  Voluntary contributions support candidates that support the Association’s educational policy agenda. To run an OEA Fund fundraising drive in your local contact your local’s OEA LRC.

This powerful video developed by Kevin Griffin of the Dublin EA explains the importance of contributing: http://youtu.be/11XQDykgboo

The OEA-Fund State Council works to implement OEA policies for the improvement of education in the State of Ohio by (1.) screening and endorsing candidates who are favorable to OEA legislative policies, (2.) collecting and dispersing funds for support of OEA-Fund endorsed candidates, and (3.) establishing and maintaining communications with elected officials.

House District Committees are made up of representatives from each local association whose school district serves residents of that House District. Each Committee screens candidates for its State House District Representative based only on questions related to OEA’s education policy agenda.  Members of the three House District Committees comprising a Senate District constitute the Senate District Screening Committee.

Members of the committees should maintain communications with elected officials and attend local Senate District Receptions and OEA Lobby Days in Columbus.

Local Association Involvement

Local Associations are entitled to a representative on each OEA-Fund House District and Senate District Committee that includes a portion of their County.  OEA-Fund Committees conduct screenings of candidates and maintain contact with elected officials.

The Local OEA Fund committee conducts a fund drive to offer members an opportunity to contribute to the OEA-Fund.  Twenty-five percent of local funds collected are available for the Local to use in other local campaigns.

Maps of 2022 Ohio House & Senate Districts and the US Congressional Districts

Find your District – https://www.ohiosos.gov/elections/ohio-candidates/district-maps/

Ohio Maps (2022-2026?):

Ohio Redistricting Commission website – https://www.redistricting.ohio.gov/

US Congressional Map (2022-2026?):

OEA Candidate Training Academy – Electing OEA members to public office.

Tired of politicians not getting it and letting you down?  Wishing for a school board that respected and stood up for educators?  Wondering who the next inspiring, pro-public education candidate will be?

The next great candidates may be closer than you think.  They could be teaching next to you, sitting near you or even be you.  Educators are some of the most respected members of the community, and many are highly qualified to hold public office.

OEA is committed to helping our members, of  both parties, run for and win the elected positions that create the public policy that so greatly affects us.

If you’ve ever considered running for public office, know a person who should, or want to be able to help good people get elected, then this training academy is for you.


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