Professional Development Committee Forming

Dear OASNP member,

Many members working with Special Needs students report that the professional development offered in their districts is not always relevant to their needs. In response to these concerns, OASNP plans to assemble an ad hoc committee of interested members to develop a framework to see how we can assist locals in accessing more appropriate offerings.

Should we encourage locals to look within and find “experts” in their own ranks? Have locals consider pairing up to share information from members with expertise? Develop a bank of members who can and are willing to provide professional development to other locals and at district and state conferences? How can we best reach out to locals to see what they think and need?

Members who volunteer will make recommendations to the OASNP Executive Committee about how best to proceed with this endeavor.

Committee members can decide whether to meet via Zoom or in person. If in person, mileage and meals will be covered by OASNP.

If you are interested in being part of this effort, please contact Nikki Nadasky, Acting Chairperson, at 330-718-3827.

Nikki Nadasky