Ohio Association of Special Needs Professionals

OASNP is a department within OEA advocating for the needs of Pre-K-12 Special Educators and Education Support Staff as they provide services for students with special needs in our local schools.

As a department of the Ohio Education Association, OASNP provides the following services to members:

  • Advocacy for OEA members serving individuals with special needs.
  • OASNP appoints members to each of the OEA Standing Committees to assure that the voice of special needs educators are heard.
  • Annual Special Education Conference with current topics, professional and legal updates, and networking opportunities.
  • Assistance with Local Professional Development Programs.
  • Assistance with Local Contract Language addressing Special Education issues.
  • Local Public Relations Grant program of up to $250 for locals.
  • Delegate Caucus at the OEA Representative Assemblies.
  • Email Bulletins and a quarterly newsletter – The OASNP Newsline.
  • Facebook group for OASNP members: facebook.com/groups/OASNP/
  • Monitoring of legislation that affects OASNP members.
  • Executive Board meetings throughout the year.
  • Regional meetings and a Subcommittee structure.
  • Expense support for OASNP leadership to represent your interests to OEA leadership.
  • OASNP Landing Page on OEA website
  • OASNP Online Enrollment¬† Page

    • Your Membership Application will be forwarded to your Local Association Treasurer so your $10 OASNP dues can be added to your OEA dues for next year.¬†
    • We will add you to our membership list immediately.