OASNP Proposed Constitution & Bylaws Amendments

  • The OASNP Annual Meeting is open to all OASNP members and will be held Saturday February 29, 2020 at 2:30 PM at the conclusion of the 2020 OASNP Conference at Mohican State Park Resort and Conference Center, 4700 Goon Road, Perrysville, OH 4486.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Amendments will be considered: to change the composition of the OASNP Executive Committee to: six (6) At-Large Representatives to the OASNP Executive Committee, apportioned between local school district membership (2 reps) and CBDD membership (4 reps); and elected at the OASNP Annual Meeting.  The full text of the current Constitution and Bylaws and proposed Amendments is here: