Conference 2018 OASNP Newsline

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In this issue:

OADDP Annual Membership Conference Report – Handouts from Conference are posted on the OADDP 2018 Annual Conference page.

Annual Meeting, OADDP approved a Constitution and Bylaws amendment to change the name to Ohio Association of Special Needs Professionals (OASNP) to expand the focus to advocate for all OEA members serving students with special needs in local Pre-K-12 school districts as well as those working at County Boards of DD.

Local School District Representatives elected.  Congratulations to: Crystal Boyd, Hudson EA;  Paige Rizzotte, Beaver Creek EA;  and Serena McCoy, Fredericktown EA who will be joining the OASNP Executive Board.

Reports from locals represented at the Conference.

OEA Special Education Work Group – Apply now – Due April 27 – link on the NEOEA Special Education Work Group page – or the header of the OEA webpage