OEA Special Education Members – Join OASNP – Add $9 to your OEA dues.

What is OASNP? – OASNP (Ohio Association of Special Needs Professionals) is a Department of OEA .  Each OEA District, OAESP, (the other OEA Department), and each of the OEA Caucuses appoints a member to each of the OEA Standing Committees and advocates for the unique needs of its constituency.  OASNP brings your issues to OEA.

Your $9 annual OASNP membership provides:

  • a 2-day Annual Membership Conference with professional development, leadership training, and valuable legal and legislative updates,
  • a Delegate Luncheon at each OEA Representative Assembly,
  •  email updates, a quarterly newsletter – The OASNP Newsline, and this website,
  • regional meetings,
  • a subcommittee structure, and
  • expense support for OASNP leadership to represent your interests to OEA leadership.

Just download and complete the simple Membership Application and your $9 OASNP annual dues will be added to your OEA dues.

Or join OASNP by checking the Box for OASNP on your OEA Membership Form.

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Why Join? –

At the Fall 2017 OEA Representative Assembly, delegates created an OEA Special Education Work Group making a commitment to address the unique needs of OEA members, including support staff, working in all areas of special education. Over the next year, the work group will review special education issues and provide recommendations to the various OEA Standing Committees for action.  OASNP appoints a member to each OEA Standing Committee to assure that your views are represented.  As an OASNP member you will have a direct voice and be kept up to date on all activities.

Background –

OASNP is the evolution of Ohio Association of Developmental Disabilities Professionals (OADDP).  Members recognized the need to change the name and shift the focus to the needs of OEA Special Education Members in local school districts.  Since 1983, OADDP had been focused on the needs of OEA members working at County Boards of DD.  As County DD programs continued to be phased out and privatized, students with DD have joined their peers with special needs in the local school districts.  OADDP leadership recognized the need for change and in March 2018, at its annual meeting and conference, members amended the C&B and Mission Statement.

OASNP has 982 members from 125 OEA locals (152 members from 97 local school districts).   Some locals have just one member.  Are you one of only a few members in your local?  Ask your colleagues to consider joining.  Download OASNP Brochure-2019-08.